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kojinanjo asked:

The boz arm covers it is already in the webshop :D

YAY thanks for the heads up!!

nissen Japan put up reservations for a few lolita-inspired sets. The neat thing is that they go up to size 10L. I’m sharing the ouji set because plus-sized ouji is difficult to find without having to get custom sizing. This set has 5 sizes, but the range is large! These measurements span all 5 of the sizes, so make sure to check the sizing chart before ordering.
For the blouse:
bust: 124-172 cm
shoulder width: 39-48 cm
length: 57-63 cm

For the pants:
waist: 85-125 + 20 cm for shirring
hip: 121-161 cm
length: 73-81 cm

They also have an awesome reference for viewing different clothing lengths on different heights. Right now they only have a chart for size 3L, but still a valuable resource!

Links and pictures on full post

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New arm covers: BZ9100.

Why won’t Boz put their accessories on the webshop? The arm warmer gods are against me.


I’m so excited to see Ganglion live in October!!

visualheroine replied to your photo “Shoutout to aerynsys for helping me get this o/”

whoaaa getting some color in your wardrobe oooh

I have learned that I really like wine/bordeaux

Shoutout to aerynsys for helping me get this \o/

neostar-transforms asked:

I choose bachelor number 2. Let's go get chilli mussels and garlic bread sometime.

I’ve won. I forever have bragging rights against bachelors 1 and 3.

Anonymous asked:

Bachelor number 2: I love home made cooking. What's your best home made dish?

I’m really good at making weaboo food and tacos. That’s an attractive skill, right? You won’t regret picking me over the other bachelors.

The other day I realized I didn’t have any anime related clothing. Now that I bought these, I have to let the world know I’m weeb trash.

Anonymous asked:

(´・ω・`) oh , I forgot to add something (same anon. about the cupcake dream) I'm not the same as the "other" anon. who first dream about you . I'm a whole different person OKAY, BYEE☆☆

Quick, everyone, go on anon and tell me if I’ve appeared in your dreams. I want to know what Dream-buttcape does1

Anonymous asked:

(╯°□°)╯︵┻━┻ duuude! , I was hesitating if I should say this or not but what the heck. Anyways xD crazy thing happened I had a dream of you ヽ(;▽;)ノ yeah , yeah creepy isn't ?.. but it was only because I was reading your blog about Anime Matsuri cupcake tasting and turns out I was dreaming about that xDD and saw you in my dream (*´・v・) you where just eating a cupcake so happily & yeah it stops there. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ BYE~☆

Personally, I don’t think it’s creepy xD unless my dream self gets murdered or something.

A few days ago someone else told me that they dreamt of me at a swap meet. Dream-buttcape saw a Boz cape there, stole it, and flew away!

Anonymous asked:

Hi, buttcape! I really like that shoulder cape thing that you have and saw that you handmade it! I want to make one for myself, but i have no idea how to or how to make it attachable. I do have basic knowledge of sewing and such but what did you do? Do you have any advice? What fabric did you use? Thank you!

Hiya! I basically just use safety pins to keep it on. I put the 2 ends of the cape underneath the lapel of the vest or jacket I’m wearing it, so people can’t see the safety pin. It’s not the most efficient way, but hey it works for me, lol. This method may not be good for delicate fabrics though since it will leave holes.

For my cape, the sticker on the roll said “basic suiting fabric.” I advise using a fabric that doesn’t wrinkle easily and is heavy enough to have a nice drape.

Hope this helps!

orgasmicyogurt asked:

Thankyou so much for answering my question,I will probably still come ,because I really love Disacode and want to meet Akira ,and Minori ,but really wanted to meet Masumi Kano , because she inspires me so much~

Masumi Kano travels the most whenever they’re invited overseas, so I bet you still have a good chance to meet her! If you do go to AM, I await meeting you!

I made a product review of bat wing cuffs by Aetherlund! Read the review here~


Side tumblr for ouji things. My main blog is!

What is ouji?
Ouji is the more masculine (unisex) counterpart to lolita fashion. It translates to "prince." It is also known as "kodona" in the Western lolita communities.