If I was stuck in a dungeon, I want alice auaa to be the final boss (that I die to).



Houston, Texas Oujicon 2014 Founders and Attendees ~

The photographic evidence that most of our princes have been in the same room together at least once. 

Oujicon actually happened.

Welcome to the Palace of Princes!



This is a collective blog run by nine extraordinary boystylers, each with their own unique take on the fashion. This blog is here to help you develop your own sense of style and raise awareness about ouji and aristocrat as independent fashions. We realized that there are few places to find up to date information on boystyle , so we joined forces to create one place where you can find everything you need to know!

Hey look I’m in a host club!

Trying to determine if a series is going to sell out or not: the rare eternal ouji struggle.

Anonymous asked:

Hi hi, Buttcape! I was just wondering where can i get a military cap like the one you have? It doesn't have to be brand name. I'm just having a hard time finding one.

ebay has them. The official name of the style is called peaked cap. You can also try a combination of these key words: vintage, military, hat, cap, dress, visor, police, officers.

I’ve been planning to sell one of mine, so if you’re interested in pictures of it, you can email me at buttcape at gmail dot com!


Manly Men Convention moved to tinychat n_n!


kojinanjo asked:

The boz arm covers it is already in the webshop :D

YAY thanks for the heads up!!

nissen Japan put up reservations for a few lolita-inspired sets. The neat thing is that they go up to size 10L. I’m sharing the ouji set because plus-sized ouji is difficult to find without having to get custom sizing. This set has 5 sizes, but the range is large! These measurements span all 5 of the sizes, so make sure to check the sizing chart before ordering.
For the blouse:
bust: 124-172 cm
shoulder width: 39-48 cm
length: 57-63 cm

For the pants:
waist: 85-125 + 20 cm for shirring
hip: 121-161 cm
length: 73-81 cm

They also have an awesome reference for viewing different clothing lengths on different heights. Right now they only have a chart for size 3L, but still a valuable resource!

Links and pictures on full post

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New arm covers: BZ9100.

Why won’t Boz put their accessories on the webshop? The arm warmer gods are against me.


I’m so excited to see Ganglion live in October!!

visualheroine replied to your photo “Shoutout to aerynsys for helping me get this o/”

whoaaa getting some color in your wardrobe oooh

I have learned that I really like wine/bordeaux

Shoutout to aerynsys for helping me get this \o/

neostar-transforms asked:

I choose bachelor number 2. Let's go get chilli mussels and garlic bread sometime.

I’ve won. I forever have bragging rights against bachelors 1 and 3.

Anonymous asked:

Bachelor number 2: I love home made cooking. What's your best home made dish?

I’m really good at making weaboo food and tacos. That’s an attractive skill, right? You won’t regret picking me over the other bachelors.

The other day I realized I didn’t have any anime related clothing. Now that I bought these, I have to let the world know I’m weeb trash.


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What is ouji?
Ouji is the more masculine (unisex) counterpart to lolita fashion. It translates to "prince." It is also known as "kodona" in the Western lolita communities.