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Thankyou so much for answering my question,I will probably still come ,because I really love Disacode and want to meet Akira ,and Minori ,but really wanted to meet Masumi Kano , because she inspires me so much~

Masumi Kano travels the most whenever they’re invited overseas, so I bet you still have a good chance to meet her! If you do go to AM, I await meeting you!

I made a product review of bat wing cuffs by Aetherlund! Read the review here~


finished a bust today!

Thank you~!

orgasmicyogurt asked:

I know the chances are slim ,but how likely do you think it is that BTSSB will come back for AM 2015?, I was not able to attend for the past couple times they were there ,but i'm determined to come for 2015 ><

AM had them for 3 years straight, so probably not. They said there’s only going to be one repeated brand this year and since Baby/AatP never split, and it’s 99% looking like Putumayo’s coming back along with Meta.

Super duper late coord post from AM2014 with a bonus pic of the Japanese guests. A brief report is on my blog.

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I had a dream about you last night. You were cosplaying Giorno Giovanna from JJBA when I met you and I was like "omgmomg I follow your tumblr I'm your fan and I love JJBA too omgomg"and you gave me a weird look and I realized I was wearing the most ita dress ever. I felt so embarassed. You looked really cute as Giorno, though.

I attempted to make hair donuts on my head to take a reaction picture for this, but that didn’t work out so well. Even if you were wearing something awful, I’m sure you weren’t as ita as Mista XD

Funny thing is that Giorno/Vento Aureo is my least favorite part in general lol.

Gatchaman CROWDS x Deorart collaboration

Anime Matsuri 2015 J-fashion guests so far: Chokelate, REIKA, DISACODE, AKIRA, and Minori. The first brand was also announced and it’s Metamorphose temps de fille!

Model: Yu
(KERA Shop)


Random pics from Oujicon. There may or may not have captions attached.

At a meetup yesterday, there was a game of pin-the-tail-on-the-moomin. I accidentally stuck the tail on , oops. #totallymissed

Ouji Livestream

It’s still available to watch on the livestream page for another 20ish days. We downloaded it and are editing the missing parts since the internet decided to be a butt and not smoothly save the entire thing.


Ouji Horse Riding Adventure Trails at Oujicon 2014 (at Cypress Trails, Houston, Texas)

Picture of me with the most ornery horse on the farm XD!

I have a selfie to contribute to this moment


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Why are you selling the AatP Sleepless Masquerade, if you don't mind me asking. Was it not as pictured?

It doesn’t fit my bust orz

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Where the ouji con will be (the city)? I need to calculate the hour for my time zone *u*

Hi, it’s Houston, TX, so Central Standard Time (CST) or GMT -6!


Side tumblr for ouji things. My main blog is!

What is ouji?
Ouji is the more masculine (unisex) counterpart to lolita fashion. It translates to "prince." It is also known as "kodona" in the Western lolita communities.